Rewild opportunity

Inspiring the rewilding of Aotearoa


Desert Rd extension - Tongariro National Park

Flowing down from the summit of Mt Ruapehu and across the SH1 Desert Rd is the most accessible and stunning alpine landscape in the North Island, that will flourish when the blazing red tussock and native forest is rewilded.
This unique rainshadow area is ideal for rewilding of tussockland, alpine shrubland, native forest, dunefields, ash/boulder fields, wetlands, and 400km of streams that include the Upper Waikato and 17km of the unique acidic and lahar-prone Whangaehu River.
This ecologically complex desert is also a nationally important volcanic landscape, visitor destination/attraction and geopreservation site.
The conferring of National Park status would recognize these nationally important values, with all the benefits that rewilding can create.

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